This A-to-Z guide is the number one source for every family or individual interested in bringing a new furry friend into their home…What to Expect When Adopting a Dog is a one-stop shop for all questions relating to the dog adoption process, from beginning to end.”

– Global Animal


What to Expect When Adopting a Dog is by far the most comprehensive resource to aid in searching and caring for your next best friend. It has all the tools new pet parents need to welcome their newest family member, and the power to help minimize the number of dogs surrendered to shelters.”

– Billy Calhoun, Pet Adoption Manager, LA Love and Leashes

“I’m so impressed and truly excited about this book. It’s a much needed resource for shelters, rescues, bloggers, and anyone interested or considering a ‘new’ pet in their home. There is a wealth of information and Diane Rose-Solomon’s insight into pet adoption and successful homing of a new dog into your family, is outstanding.”

– Yvonne DiVita, Co-Founder of BlogPaws, Woman of the Year, Women in the Pet Industry Network

In JJ Goes to Puppy Class, Maya starts to realize just how much responsibility any dog requires, as she sets about trying to train JJ to be a good puppy. The beauty of this book is it illustrates many of the common issues young children face when a new pet enters the home. It also shows how Maya handles them with aplomb and learns to fix the problems rather than whine about them. Facing naughty puppy behaviors like accidents in the house, chewing a favorite toy, pulling on the leash, and overall bad behavior, Maya knows it’s time to enroll JJ in obedience training so he can learn what is expected of him as a new family member.

The focus of JJ Goes to Puppy Class is a positive obedience training experience. The training methods described encourage Maya, and young readers, to be gentle and comforting to dogs, especially rescued dogs who may have had less than positive discipline experiences under previous owners.

Trainer Lyssa takes Maya and JJ by the hand and paw and teaches them how to work together in a humane and patient way. Maya learns to understand that JJ wants to please her; he just needs guidance and boundaries to be the perfect puppy. And she begins to correlate JJ’s need for education to her own. JJ needs chew toys just like she needed her pacifier as a baby. JJ needs help learning when and where to potty just like Maya did when she was young. And now they’re both in school learning how to behave properly in society.

JJ Goes To Puppy Class is a beautifully illustrated story that helps pet-loving families teach their children about patience, consistency, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love. This is the second book by author Diane Rose-Solomon, a Certified Humane Education Specialist. If you and your customers are falling in love with JJ like we are, fear not! JJ will be appearing in more books soon. The topics of the next three books in the JJ series are: Introducing a baby to a home that has a dog; Service and therapy dogs; Prejudice against certain breeds.

– Stephanie Hanlon
The Giggle Guide

Thinking of getting a new puppy for your children?  This book is a must read for them. JJ Goes To Puppy Class, by Diane Rose-Soloman, uses charm, common sense and easy-to-undertand life lessons to teach children five to nine years old about the importance of training a dog and fostering a stronger human-animal bond with their pup.

But, she’s not talking just any training. The key to Rose-Solomon’s book, and what has garnered high praise from high profile trainers like Justin Silver of the national tv show, “Dogs in the City,” is her lessons are focused on positive training. Kindness, patience, consistency, responsibility and unconditional love are peppered throughout this puppy training book for kids.

Like the first in her JJ series, JJ The American Street Dog, which told the story of Maya and her family adopting a dog found wandering in a park, JJ Goes To Puppy Class features Maya and her family, once again. With their new dog’s unruly, typical puppy behavior, Maya’s parents reach out to local real-life trainer, Lyssa Noble Dennis, and enroll JJ in her puppy class to teach him what is expected of him in his new home.  As in any good training, the family also learns how to work with JJ to ensure success.

All in all, I thought JJ Goes to Puppy Class was a well thought out book that is a great tool for parents to both educate their young children on how to be a good dog owner, and to teach important values of patience, unconditional love, kindness and consistency in raising a great dog. Bravo, Diane!

– Jody Miller-Young
Bark and Swagger

JJ Goes To Puppy Class is a beautifully illustrated story that helps pet loving families teach their children about patience, consistency, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love,  just some of the important values parents and educators endeavor to impart in school age children.


In the first book, JJ The American Street Dog, we enjoyed watching six-year-old Maya and her family, learn about animal rescue as a result of adopting a dog found on the street. In JJ Goes to Puppy Class Maya and her family enroll JJ in positive obedience training so he can learn what is expected of him inside and outside of the home. The training methods described in the book encourage Maya to be gentle and comforting towards JJ in his new environment.  A perfect way to set an example for a five to nine-year-old reader.  JJ exhibits all the typical puppy behavior: accidents in the house, pulling on the leash, unwanted chewing, etc. and trainer Lyssa teaches Maya and her family how to work with JJ on each behavior in a humane and patient manner.


Children will love the illustrations by Lisette Rotman,  as well as the mischievous JJ!  Particularly beneficial to children and their parents,  is how  while teaching JJ to correct some unwanted behavior, Maya’s mother creates analogies between JJ’s behavior and things that Maya learned as a child.
– Caren Gittleman
Dakota’s Den

This children’s picture book for elementary-aged children who have misbehaving puppies is superb. It covers many common problems that young dogs exhibit. To correct these problems and to socialize the pup, JJ, Maya and her parents enroll JJ in Puppy Class. A dog trainer, Lyssa, provides excellent instructions and the reasons for them to correct behavior challenges.
The language is easy to follow and is made much more interesting by building a story around the learning process. I felt especially drawn to this book since I have a one-year old rescue puppy who displays many of the problems addressed in this book. The training advice was spot-on for our rambunctious little guy. In fact, the book became quite useful to us. This is the second book by this author and her excellence is very consistent. We rated it a high four Hearts.

– Bob Spear
Heartland Reviews

As a great preparation resource for parents with young kids who are receiving their first puppy, this book is practical and informative. It works well in introducing young children to typical puppy behavior even before they receive their first pup and helps kids to realize that in raising a puppy, patience, cooperation and training are needed. Kids learn that their new puppy may display ‘improper’ behavior. Knowing what to expect helps with becoming a responsible pet owner and kids will most likely want to participate in guiding their puppies into ‘proper behavior’.

We especially like also that there are practical problem solving and training advice in the book and that it’s a book for the whole family.

Adopting a puppy is not a decision to be entered into lightly, but when you do decide we suggest getting the right information and preparing young kids beforehand. Reading is empowerment! JJ Goes to Puppy Class is a good preparation guide and a great way to start!

– D.B. Rhoomes
Binghamton Children’s Books Examiner

The Women in the Pet Industry Network conference draws together the best minds in the industry to share their expertise. Diane Rose-Solomon brought her exciting research on the human animal bond. Besides being a top notch writer, she is also showing the world she has a lot to say that will improve the way we live with Animals.

– Shawna Schuh
President, Women in the Pet Industry Network

Children’s author, Diane Rose-Solomon, did a wonderful program at the Palms-Rancho Library this summer. Her program tied into directly our Summer Reading theme, “Paws to Read.” Not only did she read her first book in the series of , “J.J. the Street Dog,” but she gave valuable information to the children about pet responsibility, and dog bite prevention.   She also discussed basic pet care and showed the children the real  J.J.’s leash and collar.

The program was well received by everyone.  It was a fun and informational program that I would recommend to any library or school looking for an author or program about dog care/safety.

-Michele Robinson, Children’s Librarian, Palms-Rancho Park Branch

JJ Goes to Puppy Class reminds us dog training can be fun for the whole family.

I highly recommend this book as it shows us how to begin the life long bond with our new best friend!

– Lynn Medlin, Owner, Dog Town Dog Training
Founding Trainer, K9 Connection



A stellar success…In a fun and caring way, this book shows children the importance of helping puppies get started on the right foot, setting them up for a lifetime of success and joy living in human society.

– Franklin D. McMillan, DVM, Director of Well-Being Studies
Best Friends Animal Society


This book gets 2 paws up from me! What a fun way to teach kids about responsible pet ownership.

The issues depicted in the book are real-life scenarios one encounters with a new dog, and the training advice is sound. I also love the focus on the value of adoption coming from JJ’s story as a rescued street dog.

-Justin Silver, Celebrity Dog Trainer
Author of The Language of Dogs, Host of Dogs In the City, CBS

I hope all children read this book and help homeless animals. They can make a difference and change the way these innocent beings are treated.
— Paula Fasseas, Founder and Chair of PAWS Chicago (Pets are Worth Saving), Chicago’s largest No Kill humane society

[Solomon] said the book is an exciting and uplifting story that teaches children and adults about animal homelessness, basic animal care, spay and neuter (worded appropriately for children), pet adoption, and the unconditional love people get from their family pet.
— Santa Monica Mirror

What can you tell us about the real-life JJ?
“Aw, he was so sweet. Our story is very similar to what’s in the book. Our friend really did find a dog in a soccer field late at night. He really did have a choke chain that was on too tight. He really did have fleas. I was kind of like the mom in the book. But I really did fall in love immediately. He was such a cute puppy. Where would I even take him back to? Where would he even be going if we didn’t accept him? He was such a sweet dog, especially for a first time dog owner. He was a good first dog. JJ was just a good, sweet, gentle soul. I hope everybody could have a dog like JJ someday. And experience what unconditional love is.
— Time Out Chicago

A little love makes the world better for everyone. “JJ The American Street Dog: And How He Came to Live in Our House” is an inspirational children’s picture book from Diane Rose-Solomon and illustrator Rachel Cellinese as she presents a story of young Maya, who wants to take in a homeless dog from the street and names it JJ.

Teaching a lesson about strays and helping prevent dog overpopulation, “JJ The American Street Dog” is a must for dog loving kids picturebook collections, recommended.

— James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review

JJ The American Street Dog is an entertaining, beautifully illustrated story that teaches important lessons about animal homelessness, basic animal care, pet adoption and the unconditional love people get from their family pet.

It even addresses spaying and neutering in an age-appropriate way by having the vet point out that this is a great way to make sure the animal can’t have more puppies that may end up abandoned if they didn’t find a good home.

— Stephanie Hanlon
The Giggle Guide

This book is a great way to educate children about the importance of rescuing neglected dogs and adopting them from animal shelters. Many children believe that the only place to get a puppy is from a pet shop. JJ the American Street Dog helps to open their eyes to other possibilities such as saving an animal’s life by adopting them.
— Kelly Nolasco
Hiccups and Sunshine

JJ The American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House is a feel-good childrens’ book with real-world impact… At the heart of this sweet story is a real message, one that not only could teach a child but a parent as well.  Sometimes adopting a neglected animal sounds like the most obvious solution, but for many it is not, and this book is doing a great service to companion animals everywhere by telling the story of JJ… I would gladly buy as a gift or recommend this book series to new parents. Even those that are not looking for a dog, but any companion animal, can learn from JJ’s story.  From dogs, to cats, to rabbits, to any and all domesticated animals, any animal in a shelter could be JJ.
— Allyson Dwyer
Your Daily Vegan

Recommended Reading: JJ The American Street Dog.  A fantastic children’s book.  Winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards, raising awareness about abandoned pets.  This is a great book for young children with a percentage of proceeds going to animal rescue organizations.  A perfect story for those of you who want to promote the message at an early age.
— Jennifer Skiff
The Divinity of Dogs

We’re very excited about JJ the American Street Dog And How He Came To Live In Our House… it describes a sweet story of how a family came to rescue a dog right off the street and bring it into their home.

Out of all the animal related children’s books we’ve reviewed in 2013 this is my #1 favorite.  A lot of wonderful messages… the illustrations are beautiful and it’s right in the sweet spot of what we talk about around here.

— Dr. Lori Kirschner and Dr. Peter Spiegel
Animals Today Radio

This is a very cute and educational book for families looking to get a dog. Through a story about a little girl who is getting her first dog, it teaches children about the importance of rescuing pets that don’t have homes and some of the basic needs dogs have. It is a nice heart-warming story with a happy ending, for both the family and JJ, the dog. The illustrations are cute too!  This is a good book for any dog lover, but I highly recommend it for any family who is considering getting a new dog.
— Mary Bowman

Well, you guys all know I love dogs, and that both my dogs are rescues, so this is a topic near and dear to my heart.  The story is entertaining and serves to get across a lot of information to help kids understand why dogs may be homeless and how they can help.  Although this is a fictional story, the information presented within it is true.  Lots of kids want pets, or think they do, so a story like this can be helpful in promoting discussion of exactly what is involved and expected.
— Susanna Leonard Hill
Susanna Leonard Hill: Something For Everyone In The World Of Children’s Books

THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL!  …  JJ The American Street Dog  is the perfect vehicle to teach children not only about the importance of pet adoption, but that adopting a dog (or any other pet) is  a huge responsibility and commitment that should be viewed in terms of “forever.”  …  Along with being a charming story, this gem teaches kids and adults about animal homelessness, basic animal care, the importance of spaying and neutering your pet (worded appropriately for children), pet adoption and the unconditional love people get from their family pet.  This is a children’s book that not only educates the little ones about the importance of pet adoption/ownership,  it does so with charm, heart and much love!
— Caren Gittleman
Dakota’s Den

I found this beautifully illustrated book to be an important educational tool for children AND adults,  a wonderful fit for my family and a match for The Pack Mom mission- to keep pets in loving homes by making life for pet parents easier…  JJ The American Street Dog is filled with teachable moments.  If you have children, you can certainly explore one topic a night for at least a week or two…  JJ The American Street dog is a wonderful book to read with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.  It will create a deeper bond between you, teach them valuable life lessons and hopefully save the life of a pet down the road!  Four paws up for JJ The American Street Dog!  Officially Pack Mom Approved!
— Jenn Fadal
The Pack Mom

“JJ is a street dog story that illuminates the important message of rescue and adoption…the book takes us on a journey celebrating the power of being open and of unconditional love… This book made me smile as I think it will the children and their parents who read it.  Solomon gives Maya a voice that embodies wide-eyed innocence with a big heart, and the illustrations are perfect for this story, making Maya come alive with her sweet, little girl charm…  Diane elaborates on the message in the book about homeless animals and the difference those who adopt can make.  She warns against the impulse purchase of a dog, period, but especially from a pet store, where most of them come from puppy mills.  I’d highly recommend this book.”
— Jody Miller-Young
Bark and Swagger

All of our pets have been rescues because we believe they make the most loving pets. I think the animals know they have been rescued, and feel a greater sense of love and gratitude for giving them a second chance.
— Amber Valletta, Actress, Model, Mom, Animal Advocate

Becoming an affiliate is a smart decision. What an easy way to share the important lessons about adopting a pet, and make money doing it!

– Mary Miller

The information you presented at Bark For Life of OC was absolutely priceless and so relevant to what Bark For Life is all about—honoring our canine companions and caregivers! It was so refreshing to hear more than a survivor story; instead, you brought it back to the science behind our dogs and how they’re helping us cope in the face of this terrible disease.

– Brianne Lyon, Specialist, Relay for Life / Bark for Life American Cancer Society

Diane Rose-Solomon visited the Echo Horizon School Library recently, and entertained PreK-2nd graders with her charming book, JJ the American Street Dog and How He came to Live in Our House. Who doesn’t love a story about a family adopting an adorable puppy? The students were all thoroughly engaged throughout her reading, and the following share. In addition to reading a lovely story, Ms. Solomon explained the need for responsible pet care, and dog safety with the aid of posters and other visuals. Her discussion elicited lots of questions from all our students, and her book is a current favorite amongst students in our lower grades. They are all eagerly awaiting the sequels!

Ms. Solomon is a Certified Humane Education Specialist, and is consequently an excellent resource concerning shelter animals. She also has a terrific website with lots of information should you plan an author visit with her!

– Claudette Brown, Echo Horizon School Head Librarian, Culver City, CA

Diane Rose-Solomon’s informative and educational presentation on her book, JJ the American Street Dog was a delightful event that kicked off our annual book fair here at St. James’ Episcopal School. Children in the audience were immediately engaged by Diane Rose-Solomon’s knowledge of animal rescue and creative tips on animal care. It was apparent throughout that Diane Rose-Solomon has had much experience in skillfully using these topics to hold the interest of a group of children, and in getting them to learn while they’re having fun.

– Christina Oague, St. James Episcopal School Head Librarian, Los Angeles, CA