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Want to help more animals get rescued right now?

When you purchase any book in the “JJ The American Street Dog” series from this page,
20% of the proceeds benefit the animal rescue site you were directed from

The JJ series is perfect for children ages 5-9 with colorful illustrations and heartfelt messages.
The stories are exciting and uplifting and teach that adopting a rescue animal is a win-win! Share these books with your little loved one and know you are making a difference!

JJ Goes to Puppy Class
by Diane Rose-Solomon
Hardcover Price $16.99 

In JJ Goes to Puppy Class, we join Maya and her family as they learn about training JJ,
the importance of time together and witnessing the bond that occurs as a result.

JJ The American Street Dog
by Diane Rose-Solomon
Hardcover Price $16.99

Through young Maya’s eyes, readers learn of alternatives to buying dogs from a breeder, or worse,
from a pet store that gets dogs from puppy mills. When the family adopts JJ from a shelter, he gets a loving home and
Maya gets the dog she has aways wanted!


Hardcover Price $33.98

The JJ Books go hand-in-hand to teach children about the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership and the benefits of rescuing a shelter dog.
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Can you imagine a future without animal neglect, abuse or homelessness? It is possible.
By educating children today, you can help be part of the solution.

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